Do you really need to hire a professional newborn photographer?

If you’re a mom with an iPhone, chances are that you probably snap a dozen photos of your little ones every single day. With your phone’s memory almost full and all kinds of images ready to share on your social media accounts, you may be wondering if it’s really necessary to hire a professional newborn photographer for when your sweet bundle of joy makes their debut.

I totally get it, but the answer is absolutely, yes.


Why do you need to hire a professional newborn photographer? Quality keepsakes. Heirlooms. Whatever you want to call them, hiring a pro to be there during those first few days of your baby’s life will lead to the fondest of memories that you and all of your family members will certainly be thankful for one day.

Here are four of my favorite reasons why you should hire a professional newborn photographer:

Reason #1 – Mom, you need to be in the photos too!

I know the idea of having your image frozen forever just days after giving birth can be a bit daunting, but your child will eventually appreciate the fact that they can see what you looked like back then too.

Reason #2 – Time to update those family photos!

Don’t be that family who has gorgeous photos hanging on the wall, but there’s one thing missing… the youngest child! Take this opportunity to hire a professional newborn photographer and don’t be afraid to ask for a family photo or while you’re at their studio. Posing with your sweet new baby will be fun for everyone and the perfect accent to your home decor.

Reason #3 – The days are long but the years are short.

The ideal timeframe for professional newborn photos is between 4 and 12 days (under two weeks). This allows photographers to pose them for all those curled up and cozy you see on Pinterest.  😉  But think about it… two weeks. That’s all you’ve got! Don’t miss this opportunity to capture these brief moments time and preserve them forever with high quality professional photos.

Reason #4 – Let the older siblings in on the fun.

Being an older brother or sister can be tough sometimes. Let them in on the fun of celebrating the new photos with a few shots of just them snuggling the little one. Not only are these some of the sweetest moments to capture, but they’ll be great keepsakes and gifts for grandma and grandpa.

Reason #5 – Let the older siblings in on the fun.

Here’s the bottom line. Professional newborn photographers know all of the tricks for bringing out the best in your family and your precious new baby, even in those first few foggy days of little sleep. We can tweak the lighting, bring the right props, and work with post-session editing to make sure that you’re thrilled with the images you receive.

If you’re looking for a professional newborn photographer new Temecula, California you’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to talk about the session of your dreams or are interested in learning more about the packages I offer, I’d love to chat. Here’s how you can connect with me:

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