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What to Wear to a Family Portrait Session | Temecula Family Photographer

One of the most common questions I get from clients once they book their family portrait session is What do we wear? Dressing your family for their photos can be a challenge because you want everyone to look good together without matching completely. Not only that, you want your kids to be comfortable, or they’re sure to complain and lose patience. It’s a lot for parents to figure out! 

Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it sounds. To help you out, I’ve put together a few tips on dressing everyone in your family for your portraits.  


Avoid bright colors

Even if you love to wear bright colors, they don’t look good on everyone, and they’re incredibly hard to match. To ensure your family is all dressed in the same color palette, stick with neutral colors that mesh well together. Neutrals offer a more timeless look and help you avoid the potential issue of bright colors clashing with one another and distracting from your faces.


temecula family photographer


Play with patterns and layers

Staying away from bright colors doesn’t mean your images have to be dull! Consider outfits with a pattern, like stripes, plaid or even florals. All of these options look great with denim and solid colors.

Another great way to spice up everyone’s outfits is by adding layers. This has the added benefit of allowing you to remove pieces for different looks without trying to get everyone changed. Go for jackets, cardigans or even accessories lie scarves and hats that can be easily taken on and off.

temecula family photographer


Try on your clothes ahead of time

Be sure to have everyone try on their outfits well before your family portrait session, especially if they’re new clothes. Make sure that everything looks good together and each style is suited to each member of your family. You can all wear different fits as long as it’s flattering to your body types. Remember that a fitted outfit looks much better than a loose one.

temecula family photographer


Consider comfort and movement

I know, you want everyone to look as cute as possible, especially your kids, but you definitely want them to be comfortable. If your kids hate wearing their outfits, they’re more likely to throw a fit or refuse to smile, and that’s the last thing you want! Keep it simple with a nice shirt and jeans or a comfortable dress—something that allows your child to move around easily, so they can play and have fun during your family portrait session.

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Stay away from graphics and logos

It can sometimes be a challenge to talk your child out of their favorite shirt, but you want to stay away from graphic tees and other clothing with logos or brand names on them. These designs distract from your smiling faces and take the focus in your photos away from you.

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Make sure you’re comfortable too

Don’t focus so much on your children’s comfort that you forget about your own! If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, make sure it’s long enough so that you can move and pose comfortably. Try on your outfit beforehand as well and move around the house in it to make sure you have the full range of motion. Avoid itchy fabrics or anything that will be irritating throughout your session.

temecula family photographer

temecula family photographer


It takes a little planning, but you can choose outfits that make your whole family look amazing, ensuring you get photos you’ll love and cherish for years to come! Did you know that each session includes styling help as well? Each client has access to a custom styling app to help with the daunting task of “WHAT WILL EVERYONE WEAR!?!” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

temecula family photographer

temecula family photographer

temecula family photographer

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