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Are you pregnant and debating on whether or not you should set up a photo session with your favorite Temecula maternity photographer? Here are three reasons that you should drop everything you’re doing and connect with me to schedule your session today, along with a couple tips about timing.  <3

Reason #1 – Time flies!

I get it, the days of pregnancy are long and often sandwiched between sleepless nights. But trust me when I say, the months are fast and 40 weeks fly by. Take a few hours out of this most precious time in your life to celebrate your pregnancy and this sweet new bundle of joy that will soon join you ‘earth-side’ with a maternity photo session.

Melissa Lyn Photography - Temecula Maternity Photographer 39

Reason #2 – You deserve this!

You are beautiful and glowing and literally a superhero! Growing a human inside of your body is not easy. This time in your life is not meant to be swept under the rug once it is complete. Instead, capture the moments through photographs and display them proudly throughout your home.

Reason #3 – Enjoy the gorgeous maternity trends!

Maternity fashion has never been so gorgeous. From flowing gowns to jeans that fit in all the right places and everything in between. What you wear during your session with this Temecula maternity photographer is completely up to you. Keep in mind that I’m here to help with styling if you need me! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  🙂

Melissa Lyn Photography - Temecula Maternity Photographer 39

A couple tips about scheduling a session with your Temecula maternity photographer:

TIP #1 – Schedule your session as soon as you feel comfortable. For some, this means as soon as they get a positive pregnancy test. For others, this can make while they are at the beginning of their second trimester. Because this type of session is obviously very time sensitive, connect with me as quickly as possible to ensure that your ideal date is available.

TIP #2 – Sessions are typically held when mom is in her third trimester, to make sure we capture that beautiful round belly.

TIP #3 – When we confirm your session date, we’ll also chat about styling and what you prefer to wear. I also have several gowns that my clients are welcome to wear. Feel free to share your favorite Pinterest boards with me!

Still need some convincing that a maternity session is for you? Check out these photos for a little more inspiration!

Melissa Lyn Photography - Temecula Maternity Photographer 39

Melissa Lyn Photography - Temecula Maternity Photographer 39

Melissa Lyn Photography - Temecula Maternity Photographer 39

Are you pregnant and ready to chat about maternity or newborn photos? I’d love to chat with you! Give me a call or send me an email and we’ll set up a time to talk about what have in mind for your session and how we can make your vision a reality.

Here’s how you can get in touch with me:

Melissa Lyn Photography
Your Temecula Maternity Photographer
Phone:  (949) 433-0975
Email:  melissalynphoto@gmail.com
Located in Winchester, California

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