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15 Sep | Maternity,Personal,Portraits

With the busy season fast approaching, I am always on the hunt for amazing new outdoor locations for maternity, family and children’s sessions around Temecula. I am SUPER picky with my locations. There are many factors to consider before offering it as an option to my clients. It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time trying to find new locations. It truly is a daunting task! Everywhere I go, I constantly have my eyes open, looking for unique locations to offer my clients. My longtime clients always want something new and different from their last session with me. There are several things I look for when scouting new locations. Light. I look at the light and watch the way the light falls and filters thru the trees and the surroundings. This may be my most important factor as I shoot backlit most of the time. Accessibility. I like spots that are easily accessible. Easy to park and not a far walk to the spot we’ll be shooting at. This is super important for my maternity clients (I don’t want mom going into labor from hiking to the perfect spot!) as well as families with little ones who may not be able to walk far before having a melt down before the session even starts! Multiple options for backgrounds-all in one spot. I like options. I want my clients to have a variety of different backgrounds and textures at their sessions. It’s super boring to me to do an entire session in one spot without moving. There is no variety! No crowds. I hate crowded places! I hate missing an amazing moment or shot because there are tons of people in the background that ruined the shot.

Although I have found a few new locations out here in the Temecula area since moving last year, I really think I hit the jackpot with this recent discovery! The Majestic is a photographer DREAM location! The light is beautiful, even after the sun sets behind the mountain. It’s easily accessible. You park and there is not a hike or long walk to where we will be shooting at. There are multiple backgrounds for several different “looks” all in one place. There are zero crowds, since it’s a private residence. And it has a BARN structure! Those who know me know I love rustic locations!

So a few weeks ago, some photographer friends and I decided to check it out to see if this could potentially be a cool new location to offer our clients. Well it turned into a super fun, styled session for boudoir, maternity and bridal.  Now tell me this isn’t the most beautiful location ever?

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Amber Firmes

Where exactly is this? I know it’s in Murrieta but I can’t seem to find an address?

2 years ago


    Hi Amber, this is a private residence in Murrieta. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

    2 years ago

Julissa Marie

Can any photographer go shoot an egenet session here?

2 years ago



    2 years ago