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Baby Abigail | Temecula Newborn Photographer

There’s something about being a Temecula newborn photographer that just takes my breath away… the smell of a brand new baby, the amount of love that is just poured into this tiny little bundle, and the way a new family glows. I had the honor of photographing sweet baby Abigail and her family in the comfort of their own home.

Here’s a selection of my most favorite images from their session. Enjoy!  <3

Melissa Lyn Photography - Temecula Newborn Photographer

Melissa Lyn Photography - Temecula Newborn Photographer

Melissa Lyn Photography - Temecula Newborn Photographer

Melissa Lyn Photography - Temecula Newborn Photographer

In-home lifestyle sessions are much different than my studio sessions. Although I don’t do many lifestyle newborn sessions, there are three reasons why I love being a Temecula newborn photographer that travels and does in-home sessions:

Reason #1 – Simplicity & Relaxed vibes!

In-home lifestyle session require little to no styling (vs. in studio-sessions that are completely styled by me with props, wraps, headbands, hats, buckets, studio lights, etc.). I  just bring my camera and a neutral wrap or two. Due to the session being in the comfort of your home, I don’t pose the baby on their own but focus more on capturing those sweet moments of you and your brand new baby.

Don’t worry about grabbing every last baby supply or wardrobe accessory before you race out the door to my studio. Just relax at home and I’ll come to you. Forget to put your favorite necklace on? Go ahead and grab it. Did baby spit up on your shirt in the middle of the session? #PukeHappens but don’t worry, you are right at home and can change into something new.

By the way, I know it can be a little intimidating having someone come to your home when you have a newborn around. Don’t worry about cleaning from top to bottom or picking up every last toy. Just let me know where you’d like to shoot (hopefully in a space with lots of natural light) and we’ll go from there. If there’s anything that you absolutely do not want pictured, give me a heads up so that I can make sure our angles are spot on.  🙂

Reason #2 – These photos capture the reality of ‘now’.

A photo is meant to freeze time. To capture a moment that you’ll remember forever. What better place to capture that moment than in your home, where we’ll not only capture your beautiful newborn and family, but we’ll see a glimpse of your home – your most sacred space where you spend your days!

Reason #3 – Perfect when siblings are involved!

Don’t stress about where big brother or sister will hang during your session with this Temecula newborn photographer. When we photograph your baby at home, big brother(s) or sister(s) can just hang out nearby. Make it even easier by inviting grandma/grandpa, aunt/uncle, or even a sitter over to hang with the siblings while we focus on the baby.

Whatever works best for you, let’s work together and make it happen so that you can relax in and enjoy your time in front of the camera with your little one.

Are you pregnant and ready to chat about maternity or newborn photos? I’d love to chat with you! Give me a call or send me an email and we’ll set up a time to talk about what have in mind for your session and how we can make your vision a reality.

Here’s how you can get in touch with me:

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