No More Stress!
5 Secrets to Capturing Dreamy Baby Photos

Even If You're Worried Your Baby Won't Sleep

Did you know that the best time to take your baby’s very first portraits is during those first 2 weeks after they are born?  During this time, babies are naturally more sleepy and flexible, which allows for those dreamy, curled-up poses you see and love. The clock starts ticking the moment your baby enters the world, making it crucial to book your newborn photographer early. Securing your session in advance ensures that you’ll have a spot on my calendar during the optimal window of opportunity. I only take a limited number of newborns each month. This is to ensure the flexibility in my schedule so that I can fit each clients session in within those first two weeks. Those first few weeks FLY BY, so be sure to book early so that you secure a spot on my calendar before they are all gone.  Another benefit to booking early is that you can cross this very important item off of your to-do list before your baby arrives. That way you can relax and enjoy that special time bonding with your baby instead of trying to find a photographer last minute who can squeeze you in before those 2 weeks go by.

Babies love warmth. A warm room is key to getting newborns comfortable, relaxed and most of all sleepy! A slightly warmer room (around 78-80 degrees) is optimal in keeping your baby happy and cozy during the session, mimicking the warmth of the womb. Be careful not to make the room too hot where your baby overheats. I also suggest that parents come dressed for comfort and in layers, as it does get quite warm in our studio during the session.

Is safety! Safety is hands down the most important thing above all else and my top priority during your session. This goes without saying. If your baby is posed safely, they will also look nice and relaxed in the photos. A professional photographer who specializes in newborn photography is a must! Special training is required to handle brand new babies. You don’t want someone who photographs products for example to photograph your 9 day old baby do you? I have been photographing newborns for over 17 years and have photographed hundreds of brand new babies over the years. I am trained to handle your precious little one with the utmost care and attention, ensuring every pose is gentle and secure. So you can be rest assured that your baby will be safe in my hands. 

The key ingredients to beautiful styling is soft blankets, textured layers, cozy wraps, headbands and adorable outfits (think neutrals and textures) to create a dreamy aesthetic. I have invested thousands of dollars in newborn props, backdrops, wraps, headbands, bonnets, tiny outfits for your baby as well as outfits for mom to wear during the session over the years. My studio is jam packed with everything that is needed for a newborn session so my clients don’t have to worry about buying anything for the session. I provide it all for my clients. All they need to bring is their baby!

The nesting stage before your baby arrives is the perfect time for all the D.I.Y. Pinterest worthy projects such as knitting a cozy baby blanket or outfit for your little one. I’m all for do it yourself projects, however trying to do your own newborn photos (photos that you will be showing your children and grandchildren someday) after just having a baby is not the time for a D.I.Y. project.  


This is the time to relax and let someone else take care of you! This is your time to cherish these precious moments with your new baby. Hiring a pro lets you sit back and soak it all in while they capture the magic and capture this once in a lifetime, very short “newborn phase”. Time is a thief and you do not want to miss out on capturing your new baby when they are at their tiniest. 


As the Temecula’s premiere newborn photographer, I’m dedicated to providing you with a seamless and unforgettable portrait experience. From personalized planning consultations to the reveal of your image gallery, I’m here to ensure that every step of the journey is easy, stress-free with the utmost attention to detail. Don’t let these precious moments slip away – schedule your newborn portrait session today and let me help you capture the magic of this fleeting stage in your baby’s journey. Trust in my expertise, and together, we’ll create timeless memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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